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Our Magazines

We publish Africa’s leading premium magazines that change the game for our readers

FW Africa has over 10+ years published innovative industry-focused magazines and websites that have changed the game in Africa’s industry and economy.

Our magazines and websites are relied on by investors, funders, managers, professionals in the private sector; government ministries and agencies; officials in the NGO and development sector; and academicians and researchers for the latest updates on investment opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, appointments and market trends from across Africa and the World.

Starting originally with magazines and websites focused on the food and beverage industry in Africa, we have expanded the scope of industries covered substantially, with new magazines in healthcare, renewable energy/sustainability, business management and other sectors.

Further, as the world embraces digitalisation, all our magazines are available in print and digital formats for a worldwide readership, for free.

Our Magazines

Food Business Africa is the No.1 publication for the food manufacturing and retail industry in Africa.

Published since 2013, the magazine has become the leading voice and platform to showcase the opportunities, people, market trends and innovations in the food and agriculture industry in the Continent, providing an important link between the sector players with suppliers of new technologies, government agencies, NGOs and more. 

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Milling Middle East & Africa is the No.1 publication for the grains/milling, snacks, baking, animal feed and pet food industry in the Middle East & Africa.

The magazine is the authoritative resource that covers the storage, formulation, production, packaging and distribution of grains and milled food products, baked goods and snacks, animal feed and pet food products. 

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HealthCare Middle East & Africa is the premium healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotech industry magazine focused on the Middle East & Africa.

Published since 2022, the magazine covers the emerging investments opportunities and the market trends in disease management, research and innovations and regulation and policy in the region and the World. 

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Africa CEO Voices is the region’s premium, regional magazine that is focused on showcasing Africa’s impactful start-ups, businesses and multinationals operating in Africa.

Published since 2020, the magazine, through interviews with key decision makers across Africa and beyond, the publication showcases the transformation of the Continent through the voices and eyes of some of Africa’s most influential people and leaders.

Please visit the website HERE

Sustainable Pack & Print Africa is the premium magazine for the paper, packaging, print and recycling industry in Africa.

The magazine covers the emerging investments opportunities, new technologies and market trends in the above sectors of the economy 

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Dairy Business Africa Magazine is the No.1 source of source of information for investors, managers and professionals in the dairy industry in Africa.

The objective of the magazine and is to provide relevant and timely information to the dairy industry stakeholders in Africa and to catalyse the growth of the industry in Africa.

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FRESH PRODUCE MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA MAGAZINE is the No.1 source of source of information for investors, managers and professionals in the fresh produce value chain in Africa & the Middle East.

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Why Partner with us?

We create lasting connections

We facilitate African businesses to connect with each other plus with government ministries and agencies, technology suppliers, universities and research institutions and other critical stakeholders. Through our magazines, websites, events and other activities, we enable personal and business linkages and networks that grow business opportunities in Africa, Middle East and beyond

We know and are focused on Africa and the Middle East 

Africa is a huge continent, but our sector-focused activities enable us to lead the development of the economy across Africa, Middle East and beyond – better than many other companies in our space. With operations of more than 10 years, we are a trusted and tested company with brands that are well known and appreciated across Africa and the World

We connect and speak with key decision makers

No one understands the nuances of the wind of change sweeping through Africa’s business and economy better than the investors, C-Suite managers and policy makers that control and manage organisations. We talk directly with key decision makers that are critical to growing your networks in Africa and the Midel East – the key reason why we could help you find new insights and new business opportunities in the region and beyond



"Your magazines have made all the difference to me and my team. We use them to scan the market for new business and innovation opportunities in Africa, and we have found lots of new ideas within them"

Managing Director, diversified food company

By participating in your events, we have gained invaluable insights into Africa's unique consumer preferences, emerging trends, and evolving regulations. Armed with this knowledge, we have optimized our product offerings

Managing Director, European equipment supplier

With its exceptional ability to bring together key stakeholders, industry leaders, and decision-makers, this expo has opened doors for us to showcase our innovative equipment and establish valuable partnerships across the continent

Managing Director, engineering solutions supplier