We enable sustainable growth of Africa through high impact premium publications, events, awards ceremonies and consultancy services

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We organise some of the most impactful B2B and consumer events and publish leading magazines and websites that bring Africa to the World and the World to Africa. 


We deliver unique insights about opportunities in Africa and enable your business to grow in Africa through impactful magazines, events and consultancy services.

Our Services

Africa is rising, and so are the opportunities – and challenges in finding the right information – in the World’s last frontier. We utilise our local knowledge and networks in the Continent to inform our stakeholders of how they can create new business opportunities in Africa

We publish some of Africa’s most impactful magazines and dedicated websites that inform the key decision makers in Africa and the World of the next opportunities, latest trends and technologies

We organise high level physical and virtual events that bring together business leaders, innovators and leading companies from Africa and across the World to grow businesses in Africa and beyond

We provide visual and audio services, tell African stories through well-curated documentary and videography services and provide corporate branding services to our growing clientele

We provide unique insights and provide consultancy services for a broad range of industries in Africa, with a particular focus on the food and agriculture value chains in Africa


We organise premium face-to-face and digital events and awards that define the future of Africa – opening vast opportunities for African businesses to connect with technology providers, discover new market trends and network with each other, Government agencies, NGOs, development organisations and more . . . 


We publish premium publications that provide the latest information to investors, C-Suite managers and more – to keep their businesses moving in Africa. Our growing range of trade magazines feature interviews with founders, investors and C-Suite managers and profiles of Africa’s leading businesses, government and NGO enterprises 


We cover Africa’s industry and economy from A-Z through our magazines, events and other activities . . .

Food & Agriculture

Manufacturing & Retail

ICT, New Technologies & Media

Built Environment & Infrastructure

FinTech & InsureTech

Healthcare & Personal Care


Government & NGOs


Energy, Oil & Gas


Education & Capacity Building


Hospitality & Tourism

Aviation, Supply Chain & Logistics



Africa offers unique business opportunities, as economies improve, urbanisation booms and young people become more influential. The companies that position themselves to tap into the African opportunity will reap huge rewards, as the continent continues to integrate itself with the rest of the World. FW Africa has the focus and capability to enable your growth in Africa

Francis Juma

Founder & CEO - FW Africa

Why Partner with us?

We create lasting connections

We facilitate African businesses to connect with each other plus with government ministries and agencies, technology suppliers, universities and research institutions and other critical stakeholders. Through our magazines, websites, events and other activities, we enable personal and business linkages and networks that grow business opportunities in Africa

We know and are focused on Africa

Africa is a huge continent, but our sector-focused, premium quality magazines, events and consultancy activities enable us to lead the development of the economy across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond – better than many other companies in our space. With operations of nearly 10 years, we are a trusted and tested company with brands that are well known and appreciated across Africa.

We connect and speak to key decision makers

No one understands the nuances of the wind of change sweeping through Africa’s business and economy better than the investors and C-Suite managers that control and manage enterprises across the Continent. We talk directly with key decision makers that are critical to growing your networks in Africa – the key reason why we could help you find new insights and new business opportunities in Africa


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