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In case you are applying on behalf of your company's colleagues, you will be our key point of contact to follow up on the registration and attendance
We need your official email address, if available, so that we can organise an event that meets your specific needs.
E.g. CEO, Marketing Manager, Production Director etc.
Include your country code prefix e.g. +260


Physical location of your company or factory, including Street name
Please state the country where you currently reside.
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The Regular Delegate rate applies to attendees from the manufacturing sector, government agencies, academic and research institutions and NGOs in the food sector. If your company is a supplier of ingredients, equipment, packaging, financial and other solutions to the dairy and beverage industry which is not sponsoring/exhibiting at the event, you will pay the Supplier rate. VAT rate is 16%
Please note that we shall invoice as per the number of people registered. You can send the names of the people you are registering on behalf of in a separate email to