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Our Story

Founded in 2013, FW Africa has grown from originally publishing one magazine to developing some of Africa's most impactful B2B trade events, consultancy and training and market research services. Our services are targeted at the senior business leaders who are responsible for making some of the most important decisions in the sub-Saharan Africa region. We propel businesses towards achieving their goals after carrying out extensive research on some of the opportunities, challenges and market trends in the target markets or industries. We cover the sub-Saharan Africa region of Africa with our magazines, events and other services from our base in Nairobi, Kenya - one of Africa's most important business locations, which gives us access to the rest of the Continent. We are the natural home to businesses seeking entry or new growth opportunities in Africa and are extremely proud of our African heritage and industry. We welcome you to join us in our journey of discovery of the next growth frontier - Africa.


We are One People

We proactively encourage our team members to embrace diversity of thought, culture and race in their daily activities within and outside the company while remaining cognisant of their own different cultures ad upbringing. We create a warm environment for our team, customers and partners to ensure see each other as colleagues who have their own contributions to make to the greater whole.

We Deliver Excellence

We are deliberate in our quest to deliver the best services to our customers and partners around the World, while taking into account their specific needs, preferences and cultures. We encourage each member of the team to make their contribution to this goal by creating an environment that is safe and is open to new, innovative ideas.

We are Passionate & Bold

We are absolutely passionate about Africa and its vast potential. Our teams are willing to move beyond their comfort zones with an innovative mindset with a passionate and bold focus that delivers more than we have promised our customers. 

We do Care

The world around us is changing and with it our focus on providing the best environment to work for our teams, while delivering for our customers with an understanding that they are people too, with there own expectations. We promise to do all within our powers to invest our time and money in the business in a sustainable way without hurting the environment, our teams, customers and other stakeholders. 



We edit and print some of the most premium magazines in Africa and manage websites that inform the industry stakeholders from Africa of the latest technologies and trends. Further we provide PR activities in the sectors we serve.


We plan, manage and host a number of premium industry focused events across Africa, connecting deal makers from the World with the industry stakeholders in Africa, while enabling the industry in Africa to discover the latest technologies and trends. 


We provide top-notch consultancy services and training to corporates across Africa in the food and agriculture value chain in the Continent, which build up the capacity of the sectors we operate in and boost Africa’s potential


We provide corporate branding services and supply various branded materials and gift items including stationery, notebooks, brochures, business cards among many others.

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